Holiday cookies and contest: a gift from Rebecca

My friend Karolyn made these cookies one year and they were not only delicious, but gorgeous! Dr. Rebecca Butterman samples them in PREACHING TO THE CORPSE and now passes them on to you!

If you’d like to have your name entered in a contest for a copy of the new advice column mystery, please add a comment to this post describing your favorite holiday treat. Good luck! (Contest ends December 3) Meanwhile, with this recipe, everyone’s a winner…

Karolyn’s meltaways

These are fragile cookies and need to be handled with care.

Oven 375′
3/4 C & 1 Tbs. flour
1 Cup corn starch
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 Cup powdered sugar
1 C butter ( 2 sticks at room temperature)
1 tsp. vanilla
Semi sweet chocolate

In medium bowl mix flour, cornstarch, & salt, set aside. Cut butter into powdered sugar, whip until creamy and smooth. Add vanilla & mix well. Add flour slowly. Refrigerate at least two hours. Divide into two. Roll on floured surface into 1/2″ rope. Create individual crescents, approximately 3″ long. Bake 10-12 minutes on greased cookie sheet. Cool. Shake powdered sugar over cooled cookies. Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave. Dip one end of cookie into chocolate, cool on wax paper. Store in airtight container with powdered sugar.

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30 Responses to “Holiday cookies and contest: a gift from Rebecca”

  1. 1 Pattie Tierney

    About 25 years ago I took a candy-making class with my mother and my aunt. We learned to make Truffles (so decadent!) peanut butter cups (a big pain and too rich), English toffee (very yummy), and peanut brittle (a marvelous combination of salty and sweet). Ever since then I’ve made peanut brittle at Christmas. It started with one simple batch that I’d set out for the holidays, then suddenly everyone wanted some. Now my son and I spend an entire day making it, bagging and tagging it, and then the night driving it around to pass out. It has become a wonderful, if exhausting, holiday tradition for us. And I do share the recipe!

  2. 2 Helen


    It is a hard choice so here are a couple of my favorites. First, the one that I make myself is ribbon gelatin – top layer cherry jello, middle combine whipped cream & crushed pineapple, bottom lime jello.

    The other is anything chocolate – this year it will be Ethel M lemon satin creams (yum yum).


  3. 3 Cheryl Stoeser

    My favorite holiday treats are homemade Cherry Bing bars. They are very rich cherry on the bottom and chocolate and peanuts on the top.

  4. 4 Dani

    Ooops, my comment about the blog book tour is one post down. :P Stunned by technology again.


  5. 5 Cathy Jackson

    Chocolate-covered cherry cookies. It’s a chocolate cookie, like a thumbprint, with a maraschino cherry in the indentation, and then a chocolate frosting baked on the top. Yum! Here’s a link to the recipe:

  6. 6 Sarah Bewley

    My mother always made this Christmas candy that was my favorite. It’s simple – take cream cheese and mix with powdered sugar until slightly stiff. Roll into balls, then flatten with a pecan to form a little flat round candy.

    She also made them with coconut. Mix the cream cheese with coconut and powdered sugar, but don’t flatten! Just leave it as a little round ball with coconut sticking out.

    We loved it. I have no idea what you would even call them, but to us they were glorious.

    Plus we could make them ourselves. It was safer than cookies, because my mother set things on fire regularly in our house. The stove top, the oven, pretty much anything that got hot. (grin)


  7. 7 Joyce K

    I know some folks don’t care for it at all and it is the subject of many jokes this time of year, but I have to say I look forward to fruitcake every Christmas. My grandmother always baked a homemade one when I was little and then my Mom used to bake one and now I do sometimes. I even like the store bought kind however. Christmas just always makes me think of fruitcake…yum.

  8. 8 Mitzi Flyte

    I’m very, very old fashion. I love fruitcake and this is the only time of year I can find it. A good dark fruit cake (used to make it myself once upon a time) soaked in rum with an cup of (REAL!) egg nog laced with rum. Ah, those were the days – when I didn’t worry about the cholesterol in the eggs or the sugar and alcohol in the rum. I now know what I’m getting myself for Christmas/Yule. Happy Holidays!

  9. 9 Molly MacRae

    English Toffee made with dark chocolate! My sister gave me the recipe as a wedding present 29 years ago and it’s been a hit ever since. It’s one of those great confections that’s easy to make, yet makes the cook look like a genius. It’s a fabulous combination of butter, sugar, chocolate, and walnuts that we only dare make at Christmas time and then mostly give away.

  10. 10 Lisa Porter-Burt

    My favorite holiday treat is not totally food-related. I picture myself in a totally clean, merrily decorated, warm home. Perhaps I am sitting in a comfy chair near a fire, the lights of the heavily decorated tree twinkling. Of course, I have a plate loaded with favorite goodies, at least two books, and hot cocoa with peppermint and tiny marshmallows in the Santa mug my mother made. Cozy in my jammies and covered by an afghan made by a dear friend. No dinner to cook, nothing to clean, just reading and enjoying the day.

  11. 11 admin

    You guys are making me hungry! I’m pretty sure they served that ribbon jello–and the fruitcake–at the church supper in PREACHING TO THE CORPSE! ROBERTA

  12. 12 chris wallace

    What a lovely question. I would love to get a box of
    hard clear cinnamon candies, like the ones that a
    friend of my Grandmother used to make. They were
    just almost too strong, you really knew that you were
    eating cinnamon. I still crave them after forty years.
    Mrs. Lane had a tiny Smoke Shop in the town of Prescott
    on the St. Lawrence Seaway and when she was making her
    special candy, the whole town could tell by the
    irresistable scent.
    I have found recipes that sounded much like, but I
    never had the nerve to try. Maybe this is the
    Christmas to really do it.

  13. 13 Kerie Nickel

    Gingerbread cookies! I got the recipe from a women’s magazine back in the 1980s and I’ve been making them every year not only for nibbles, but I also use them to decorate my tree. When the house smells like fresh fir and spices, then it’s Christmas. I love reading about all the other favourites!

  14. 14 Judy

    Dark, creamy, nutty, melt in your mouth fudge is very high on my list and for nostalgia reasons mostly, but I like them too, those hard filled candies and the hard candy ribbons. Of course there are too many other wonderful goodies to mention.
    Thanks Roberta!

  15. 15 Marlyn

    Wow, all that stuff is making me hungry, too.
    My favourite holiday treat is whipped shortbread cookies. I found the recipe in a food magazine years ago. They melt in your mouth as they are made with very little flour, but are mostly cornstarch and powdered sugar. I always put a large chocolate chip or a Hershey’s Kiss on top.

  16. 16 Carol M

    It isn’t Christmas for us without my mom’s thumb print cookies. Any type of jam, jelly or preserves can be used. We mostly use grape and they are sprinkled with chopped up walnuts.

  17. 17 shan

    My favourite holiday treat is the much despised fruitcake. Many people turn noses up at this treat but I adore fruitcake – all kinds, ranging from homemade to mass produced store bought versions. What can I say … nothing’s better than a plate of sliced fruitcake and a pot of fresh brewed tea.

  18. 18 Ellen Dark

    I love plum pudding at Christmas. I also love anything chocolate at Christmas as well.

  19. 19 Re Emmons

    At Christmastime, mom would have her Ladies Club and her Church Group in. Now, my mom honestly was one of those people who made candy from the soft-ball, hard-ball stages without a thermometer. She was fantastic at baking also, like for instance her pies with luscious melt-in-your mouth crusts were incredible. However, my favorite thing that she served was an “almond tea”. I had the recipe at one time; and I have looked and looked for that recipe, however with having an AF career spouse and our family, we have just moved a few too many times, and I cannot find it at all. Mom is gone now, and I’ve saved a couple recipes from the newspapers and magazines. This is something I should try to replicate, if I can.

    Another item I like, if purchased ‘can be a favorite treat of choice” is Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha Coffee! Fantastic, if you like peppermint, which on a cooler day, just hits the spot after a long walk, for me!

  20. 20 Re Emmons

    Re Emmons !

    MMC – !

    ps: like bree without the b.

  21. 21 Carol M

    MMC – Happy Holidays everyone!

  22. 22 Ari (Baking and Books)

    I love the fact that you’re sharing recipes from your books! Since I already have my copy of “Preaching to the Corpse” (thank you!) I won’t enter the contest. However, I will say that I started reading your book last night and am looking forward to continuing my advice column adventure over the coming days. :)

  23. 23 Lois Hirt

    Hi- The holiday treat I love is Chanukkah Gelt- you buy it- it is chocolatecandy wrapped in foil that is shaped like coins. It usually comes in little packages of different sizes. (gelt = money)and is given out to kids during Chanukkah.
    The other is potato latkes AKA potato pancakes. The potatoes are grated, fried and served with both or either sour cream and applesauce. Enjoy. Lois Hirt

  24. 24 Jeannette Moeschler

    One of our recent favorites is Orange Bundt Cake with orange fudge frosting. Starts with a cake mix, orange jello, orange juice. Frosting is a mixture of choc. chips and orange juice. Reminds us of the chocolate covered orange slices usually available on holidays. Actually got the recipe from one of Joanne Fluke’s books. Is delicious.

    Enjoyed Deadly Advice very much.

  25. 25 Jeannette Moeschler

    See comment re Orange Cake above.

  26. 26 Susan M.

    I have always loved chocolate covered cherries, fudge, and eggnog. It just isn’t Christmas without it. It is just a comfort thing to be able to enjoy these luscious treats.


  27. 27 Shirley Baldwin

    Fruitcake is one of my favorites…I buy it as I am not much of a cook. Russell Stover assorted candies & cheap cherry chocolates also need to be around for a treat when reading a great cozy book….

  28. 28 Shirley Baldwin


    I forgot to add MMC.

  29. 29 Dani

    I’m not signing up twice honest! But, I did want to mention that it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without marzipan potatoes. Just almond paste kneaded with powdered sugar until it doesn’t stick anymore, then formed into little balls and rolled in unsweetened Dutch chocolate. They look like tiny new potatoes. This must be a German custom… can’t think where else I would have picked it up.

  30. 30 Kristie

    Back when my grandma did lots of baking for the holidays (i.e, when she had a huge freezer to keep stuff she made year-round to prepare), she made these fantastic poppyseed rolls that I looked forward to all year long. One of my uncles makes them these days when he has time, but they’re not quite the same.

    I’d share my grandma’s with all my MMC friends if I could!

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