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Great Golf Links

Mystery Links

Psychology Links

Great Golf LInks

PEAK PERFORMANCE SPORTS: Dr. Patrick Cohn's sports psychology page and suggested articles on mental training and toughness

Discount Golf Clubs and Clones-- Discount selections for golf clubs, clones, used clubs and equipment.

Desk Top Greens--Miniature Live Desktop Golf Putting Greens that make the Perfect Desktop Pets

Duck Software's--(home or organizer and educational software) list of golf links

Joe Kohl's Golf links

The Environmental Institute for Golf--committed to strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with our natural environment

Golf Humour.com--New Zealander Kay Wall's entertaining golf page

Phil Ritson/Mel Sole Golf Schools--Offer top-quality, PGA golf instruction at 6 locations: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Mexico.

Average Jane/Joe Golfer--golf gifts and accessories, "Because Average is Good Enough!"

Venus Golf--Former LPGA player Debbie Steinbach's website, aka "Venus," talks about her books, Venus on the Fringe and Venus on the Fairway.

Golf Divas--an online community for women who play golf for fun and networking.

Bogeys and Birdies--everything for women golfers, including a newsletter and contests.

Women's Golf Reviews--provides women golfers with information about golf courses and products.

Pargazer.com--read your golfing horoscope, find golf gifts, golf humor and lots more.

Golf for CauseGolf--turn golf into gold by demystifying the game. Articles, tips, clinics and more.

Pgaprofessional.com--Golf pro Mark Blakemore's site, including instruction, tips, entertainment, and tons of golf-related links.

CORPORATE GOLF SERVICES--president Barb Hanson will taylor business or women's golf clinics to suit your needs.

GOLFPARSUITS--golf books, DVD's, videos, gifts, art and more, for the golf enthusiast!

THOR'S GOLF LINKS - www.ttsoft.com/thor/golflinks.html
You could spend the rest of your life checking out the links on this site. Thor has everything golf.

19TH HOLE - www.19thHole.com
A handsome and well-organized golf site including playing tips, equipment, golf books, message board, and more.

LPGA - www.LPGA.com
The official website of the Ladies' Professional Golf Association. Recently renovated, it includes information about players and tournaments, golf tips, a chat room and more.

Futures Tour - www.futurestour.com
Website for the official feeder Tour of the LPGA

Tee Time Magazine - www.teetime-mag.com
New England women's golf magazine, with tips, interviews, book reviews, and more. Look for my article about playing in a scramble in the June 2001 issue.

Dr. Joseph Parent, Golf Psychologist - www.mentalgamemastery.com

Shegolfs.com - www.shegolfs.com
This new site for women golfers contains info about travel, golf items, golf instruction, golf psychology, and more.

Golf-an-$ave - www.golfnsave.com
A site for golf discounts and promotions.

Women's Golf Today - http://www.womensgolftoday.com/
This site for female golfers includes info on rules, etiquette, fitness, tips, books, and lots of links.

World Golf - http://www.worldgolf.com
An international golf guide, including courses, tours, tips, library and more.

Hearthstone Review (http://www.golfbookreviews.com)
Reviews of golf-related books, author interviews, golf commentary, and more from golf writer Jim Apfelbaum.

Hole by Hole (http://www.holebyhole.com)
Weekly golf columns, reviews of golf-related books, both fiction and nonfiction, a virtual bookstore, and more.

La Manga Golf Club, La Manga Spain (http://www.lamanga.dial.pipex.com)

Lady Golf--Fashion, equipment, books and more.(http://www.ladygolf.com)

Waterboro Public Library's -- list of golf mysteries (and there are lots of 'em!)

GolfMonster.com -- Discount prices on brand name golf clubs and equipment such as Adams, Callaway, Taylor Made, Cobra, Titleist, Orlimar, Ping, Maxfli, Nike, Reebok.

Golf Clubs Online Shack -- (http://www.golf-clubs-online-shack.com/)
Discount golf equipment store.

Family Fun in Florida -- (http://www.familyfuninflorida.com/)
Tho' there is nothing mysterious about her guidebooks, here are some great tips for your travels to Florida.

Waggle.com -- (http://www.waggle.com/)
The most local golf information for golfers in the Mid-Atlantic.

Ladies Fore Golf -- (http://www.ladiesforegolf.com/)
Offers three-day golf adventures for women of all skill levels.

SNEWGA -- (http://www.snewga.org/)
The Southern New England Women's Golf Association

Whole-sale Golf--High-quality irons, woods, putters, and more.

Golf Property in Spain

The Golf Collection--unique golf gifts from furniture to chocolate

Golf greeting Cards

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Mystery LInks

Bookbitch - Books and reviews by the Bookbitch!

Spinetingler Magazine - http://www.spinetinglermag.com/articles.htm
Stories, reviews, links and more

Miss Snark - http://misssnark.blogspot.com/
Anonymous NY literary agent tells all

Armchair Interviews - armchairinterviews.com
Book reviews and author interviews

DorothyL - www.kovacs.com/DOROTHYL/dorothy.html
The oldest and largest mystery discussion group on the internet. Fun!

Sisters in Crime - www.sistersincrime.org
The website for the organization founded by Sara Paretsky to support female mystery writers.

Cluelass - www.cluelass.com
Everything mystery, including books and reviews, authors, websites, conventions, newsletters, and an online version of the Deadly Directory.

Mystery Writers of America - www.mysterywriters.org
This organization for aspiring and published mystery writers sponsors conventions and awards and provides information on legal and other questions.

Cozies, Capers and Crimes-Geraldine Galentree's chock-full mystery review site with bimonthly updates.

Virtual Murder (http://www.barbarapaul.com/virtual.html)
Barbara Paul's list of links to mystery authors, bookstores, websites, publishers, organizations...

Stop, You're Killing Me! (http://www.stopyourekillingme.com)
Mystery links, authors, what's new

Deadly Pleasures (http://www.deadlypleasures.com) A mystery fan magazine with reviews, interviews, author websites, and more.

Murder Must Advertise (http://murdermustadvertise.com) A site and list for mystery authors interested in promoting their work.

College librarian/mystery writer Barbara Fister's wonderful site on researching the mystery (http://www.barbarafister.com/)

Mystery Scene Magazine a magazine for mystery fans and writers, chock full of reviews and articles about authors and the writing life

HandHeldCrime An online magazine containing short crime fiction, articles and reviews

Mystery Readers International--mystery readers journal, lists of bookstores, reading groups, awards, periodicals, reviews and more.

Murder and Mayhem Book Club-an online reading group for mystery, thriller, and horror fans


Murder Express Mystery Lovers SiteRing The Murder Express Mystery Lovers SiteRing

This site owned by
Roberta Isleib
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SiteRing by Bravenet.com

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Psychology Links

Ten Ways to Build Resilience from the American Psychological Association

A list of articles on health and emotional wellness from the APA

Managing traumatic stress: tips for recovering from disasters and other traumatic events. http://helping.apa.org/daily/traumaticstress.html#help

Terrorism and Children - http://www.ncptsd.org/facts/disasters/fs_children_disaster.html

Repressed Memories: Both the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations advise therapists and patients to examine recovered memories with caution. To find out more: Recovered Memory Therpy (RMT) www.religioustolerance.org/rmt_prof.htm

Truth and Reconciliation -- (http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2002/05/22/davis/print.html)
Incest accusations of the recovered-memory craze tore families apart. Now one of its leaders wants to let bygones be bygones.

American Psychological Association - www.apa.org

Dr. Bennett Pologe's site - www.aboutpsychotherapy.com
What is psychotherapy? Why go? How to choose a therapist, what should happen in a session, when to stop, and more.

Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page - http://psychcentral.com
A good source for online resources, book reviews , and lots more about mental health issues.

The Forgetting - Alzheimer's: Portrait of an Epidemic by David Shenk
The website for this book, which is a portrait of the disease--its history, progression, research, and impact on the lives it touches.

What's new in Alzheimer's Disease research - http://www.ahaf.org/whatsnew/adwhtnew.htm#News_updates

The FDA site for reporting adverse reactions and other problems with drugs - http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html

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Wednesday Links
Weekly listing of links of interest to writers; includes magazine guidelines, publishing links, and resources

Natalie Collins' comprehensive list of agents

Anna's Red Pen--essays on publishing

Jennifer Weiner's tips for writers (author of GOOD IN BED and GOODNIGHT NOBODY)

Publishing Industry Links

April Henry's tips for planting clues in a mystery

April Henry's 19 secrets for writing the nail-biting thriller

Gaping Void: Hugh Macleod's thoughts on creativity

Sabine Eiche's links on writing and writers

Wordsmitten - including another take on the process of finding an agent

h20boro Library blog (Waterboro Library)

On the Shelf (Peabody Institute Library)

The conventional wisdom isn't just wrong, it's dangerous - Jim Huang, editor and publisher of the Drood Review, comments on the state of publishing today.

Book Industry Statistics - Tons of interesting facts and statistics about books and publishing

Agents - list compiled by a writing group in California

Berkley Prime Crime

Sarah Weinman's literary blog, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

Tightening the Sagging Middle

John Scalzi's ranting advice for writers!

Advice on Writing - Writer Po Bronson's interesting advice for aspiring writers

Pat Holt offers "Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)"

Reading Group Guide -- questions for discussion, tips on how to run a group and lots more.

James Stevens-Arce's website -- An amazing collection of writing-related links on the topics of agents, contests, scams, contracts, copyrights, references, markets, query letters...

The Princeton Independent -- essays, criticism, art, reviews, interviews, fiction, poetry, and humor by members of the extended Princeton community.

Books and Authors -- reviews, interviews, links, essays, and more.

The Authors Project -- A collection of beautiful essays by well-known authors about the events of September 11.

Funds for Writers -- An incredible collection of links for writers--opportunities, grant sources, communities, and more.

Writing the synopsis (http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/9534/barebones.html) Mystery author Beth Anderson describes her method for producing a tight synopsis that sells books.

writersdigest.com -- The insider's guide to the writing life

Bookmouth--Jeffrey Yamaguchi's site about books, with author and publishing world interviews and lots of links

Publishers Weekly - (http://publishersweekly.reviewsnews.com)
The international news source of book publishing and book selling

Midwest Book Review--a fabulously comprehensive list of links for writers

Fourteen tips on how to create an instant bestselling novel by Cliff

Got the rejection blues? Misery loves company--find sample rejection
letters, sob stories, and more

Author Larry James' article: 40+ Ways to Make your Next Book Signing an Event

Todd Pierce's nine tips for finding an agent

Todd Pierce's advice on finding an agent in the Internet age

Reasons for Rejection

A world of writing tips from Moira Allen

Writing coach Lisa Collazo's newsletter on motivation for writing

Holly Lisle's tips on setting goals

Holly Lisle's articles and workshops for writers

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