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October 6, 2006
Contact: Dr. Roberta Isleib

Psychologist Prescribes Deadly Advice

photo of roberta isleib
Q. Dear Dr. Aster:

So many mysteries, so little time! Can you recommend a hot spring release featuring a newly single psychologist, a suspicious suicide, and advice turned deadly?

Bewildered Bookstore

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A. Dear Bewildered:

Try Roberta Isleib's March release DEADLY ADVICE
(Berkley Prime Crime, ISBN 0-425-21474-5, $6.99.)

When psychologist/advice columnist Dr. Rebecca Butterman returns home to find her neighbor an apparent suicide, she can't believe that she missed the signs. But not everything is adding up. Her neighbor's mother insists her daughter didn't write the suicide note. Rebecca puts that down to denial—until she finds Madeline's blog, a chronicle of dating adventures that suggests anything but depression. So when Rebecca's editor assigns her to do a column on the modern singles scene, Rebecca re-traces Madeline's steps into the dating world.

Dr. Butterman (AKA Dr. Aster) is about to discover just how deadly some advice can be...

Isleib is a clinical psychologist and author of the Agatha and Anthony-nominated Cassie Burdette mysteries.

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A really plummy mystery, flawlessly plotted; the heroine is an advice columnist—and a good one!

Margo Howard "Dear Margo" on Yahoo! News and in 200 newspapers.

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